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Executive Summary 

Hello, my name is Charles Bosworth. I am a motivated, success driven, hands-on consultant. As a focused problem-solver, I can identify and implement multi-faceted solutions at all organizational levels. I have talent for quickly mastering technology. Being involved in the community, I am able to open doors and identify initiatives and opportunities for new business development with key decision makers.

Charles Bosworth

About Me

As a stoic and sigma male who adheres to Christian Conservative values, reason, and common sense, I believe that a strong moral compass and a commitment to traditional values are essential for living a fulfilling life. These values provide a solid foundation upon which one can build a life of purpose, meaning, and integrity. At the core of my beliefs is the conviction that every person is endowed with inherent dignity and worth, and that this is something that must be respected and protected at all times. This means upholding the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, defending religious freedom, and safeguarding the institution of marriage and the family unit.

Furthermore, reason and common sense are vital tools for navigating the complexities of the world around us. By using these faculties, we can make informed decisions, pursue truth, and seek out wisdom. This requires a commitment to intellectual honesty, a willingness to engage with differing viewpoints, and a recognition that there is much we do not yet know. In summary, my beliefs as a Christian Conservative are grounded in a deep respect for human dignity, a commitment to traditional values, and a reliance on reason and common sense. These principles guide my interactions with others, shape my worldview, and provide a roadmap for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

I help business owners increase revenue through agile problem-solving and creative MAPPS.

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Radio Experience

Boz has worked for broadcasters both large and small in all sized markets. His experience spans the programming, promotions, and production departments. He has done almost everything there is to do in a radio station. From humbly taking out the trash to speaking to thousands of people from behind the mic and on stage. Some of his successes include being a Silver Mic finalist for copy writing and production, interviewing political leaders such as Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman and being a guest/fill-in host on a Nationally Syndicated radio program that was broadcast on hundreds of radio stations around the US and world wide via shortwave.

Radio Portfolio
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Digital Marketing

Boz’s Internet experience began when he signed up for his first Hotmail email account in 1997 and subsequently bought his first domain name, cabradio.com in 1999. He started with template websites and began learning HTML. While not yet proficient in CSS, he does have a basic knowledge and understanding of it. He uses WHM and cPanel for web hosting and Filezilla for FTP. He has a Word Press developer’s license for the Thesis, Divi and Directory Press Word Press themes. Boz now uses Groove to design websites and recommends it to clients.

Digital Marketing Portfolio
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Sales Experience

Boz has extensive sales experience from doing tele-sales, direct sales and sales management. His earliest sales experience was working in a retail record store after high school. He also embarked on various network marketing sales opportunities selling water filters, telecommunications and a catalogue with almost everything one would need. Later he would find opportunity with a leading sales driven corporation selling Summits. This company provided Boz with world-leading sales training. That led to other opportunities for him selling technology, web directories and merchant processing. He also has extensive radio sales experience. Of course his entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to offer his own digital marketing services.  

Sales Portfolio
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