I am a published writer under the stage name Charlie Profit

A Radio Professional’s Guide to Twitter

In 2008, I wrote the first and only radio professional’s guide to using the social media application Twitter. Download your free copy here: Radio Twit

Published Articles:

Here are articles I have written about Social Media that have been published by leading radio industry publications and websites.

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Taking a Page Out of Social Media for AllAccess.com published August 16, 2011

Socialized Radio for Radio Ink published September 21, 2009

Social What? for Radio-Info.com published April 18, 2008 – No longer on the Radio-Info site, this is now linked to my original blog post which Radio-Info.com reprinted with permission.

Other Contributions:

Here are websites I have guest written for on a semi-regular basis. These link directly to my profile page for that website/publication (published under the Stage Name Charlie Profit).

www.digitaljournal.com – Citizen Journalism

www.dadomatic.com – A site for dads and parenting created by Chris Brogan

www.examiner.com – Focus is on Social Media in Montreal