If you are here, you are probably looking to hire a General Manager, Operations Manager, Station Manager, Digital Media Manager or Program Director. I am qualified to be that person for your team. I am seeking a position with a forward thinking company whereby I can use my experience, talent, and skills to help the company increase listenership as well as revenue to the best of my ability.

Community Involvement

I believe in local radio and as a manager have been involved in the local community which opened doors to opportunities and new business development with key decision makers. When I was the GM/OM at WXCT in Connecticut, I would attend the Town Council meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings and various after-hours business functions. Through meeting the town leaders, I was able to secure the station to broadcast weekly summer concerts on the Town Green. This created an opportunity for sponsorships with local merchants.


I have strategic programming and digital experience with over 20 years experience working for all size companies and markets. A station’s biggest asset is its listeners. The most important thing a radio station can do is connect with it’s audience. By providing ways to connect and participate with the audience, the station is able to claim it’s stake in the marketplace. Providing content that the audience loves builds the loyalty and support needed to grow revenue.

Problem Solving

One of my strengths is being a problem solver. I previously worked at Citadel in Reno, Nevada as the Production Manager way back when Larry Wilson owned it. When I was hired there, I implemented an alpha-numeric cart numbering system that I created in a previous position to help me reign in a disorganized production department. It saved the cluster thousands of dollars each month in lost revenue. Previous to my hire commercial carts would frequently be missing, misfiled or overwritten because of a bad end date. That was before automation systems became the norm.

On Air

I have hosted shows in various radio formats including rock, hot ac, and news announcing. I have been a guest host on a nationally syndicated program. I’ve also hosted a daily 2-hour talk show and interviewed local, and State leaders as well as celebrities, entertainers and authors of all walks of life. As one listener told me: “People are comfortable talking to you about anything”.

Leadership and Teamwork

As a leader, I like to be hands-on. I have always been proactive and a team player. I’m not above taking out the trash if it needs to be done. In my last position, there was no documentation on how to perform the morning show producer duties. I took the time to walk through all the responsibilities and documented them step-by-step to make it easier for fill-ins and to train new people. Also, even though we had a Promotions Director, Promotions Assistant and interns, I never hesitated to volunteer to help set up and tear down our group’s promotional events such as at Pet Fest and the Steeple Chase.

Managing Employees

I believe in training people to be able to take over my job. People I have hired and trained have moved on to better opportunities. For example, I’ve had an employee move on to become a night news caster at a leading radio station, and another eventually became the GM for a TV station.

Equipment and Software

Over the years I have had to learn and use various equipment and software. I’m self taught on several automation systems, digital audio editors and traffic systems. You can view the list here. This has enabled me to be a fast learner on new equipment, programs and systems.

Digital and Social Media

Digital and social media have become an integral part of radio stations. I have almost 20 years experience of using digital and social media on the Internet. I have my own digital media company where I manage domain names and email; host websites; develop and design websites; develop and host podcasts; develop social media strategy and manage social media accounts. Being an early adopter, I wrote a guide for radio professionals on how to use Twitter and have been published in Radio Ink Magazine and on Allaccess.com on the topic of radio and social media. I am Hootsuite Social Media certified. I also currently manage a $10,000 Google Ad Words budget for a non-profit organization.


I enjoy being involved in the community to find new opportunities for revenue. I think outside the box to solve problems. I have multi-format experience. I lead by example. I have experience with a variety of hardware and software. And understand the digital space and what radio needs to do to take advantage. In short, I am a seasoned radio professional that is qualified to manage your station or group of stations and lead your team to achieve the goals set forth.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and taking the time to read this. If I can answer your questions or be of any assistance, please contact me.